Teasering or Teaser is a very short video clip to provoke interest in your product or service.  You want to help solve a problem for your customer, or enhance their life in some way. A Teaser video  is a great way to gain interest.  These videos can be embedded in websites or displayed on social media.

Are you having trouble getting good Teasers, let us help you reach your goals.

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Create Teasers

Frank Meincke Productions will help you create a cost effective teaser.  Call us up and we can discuss your specific situation and figure out the best course of action for showing people that you can provide a solution to their needs and desires.

We do all of our work inhouse so there are no hidden costs when you work with us.  The Teasers that you we provide you are yours to use as often and where ever you want. We recommend sending them out once or twice a month.

Do you have a creative idea, then let us get together to work that magic!




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Showcase your products and services

You need a Video? We can create it!

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