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Movement captures the attention of the viewer! Why do we go to places like sports arenas, pursue a hobby, go to the movies, or even watch TV? Movement, we look at the movement of different media because it intrigues us.  If the TV only showed one image and never changed, we might get used to it and eventually stop paying attention to what's there.

Your logo should help attract the attention of potential customers and draw them in to take a closer look at what you have to offer.

Let us help you create that atmosphere where potential customers begin their journey down your sales funnel.  

T-Rex Media helps "capture the moment"!

See the difference between a logo and a FM Productions Animated Logo!

T-Rex Media Online Advertisement

Benefit from the attention that animation brings to your customers!

With a successful website conversion, your business will be taken seriously and your business will get the attention it deserves. An animated logo can tell stories that drive people emotionally, leaving them wanting more. If you want to achieve these results, just contact our customer service and let us share the world with you.




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